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Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.


People's Rights Oregon Area 6 - Klamath County

Our group came together to help answer the outcry of Patriots all over America. . .

“Our country is being torn apart, WHAT CAN I DO?”


People’s Rights is a group of friends and neighbors committed to protecting and preserving our freedom and working together to build a thriving united community while restoring the foundational values of our republic. We do so by coming together weekly and participating in the following groups:


Klamath County Area 6 groups created to address community concerns:

Alternative Fuels 

Constitution Education

Firearms Training

Food Sourcing/Prep


Ham Radio

Home Schooling

Medical Freedom

Medical Response

Prayer Warriors

Security Team

Survival Training

Our small groups form out of the concerns of our community and continue to develop and grow as individuals join and share their expertise, education, gifts and talents. Come to the table with your ideas and experiences so we might become a force for good in this challenging world.


We meet weekly for discussion, education, special guest speakers – but most of all to build relationships that will help us to stand strong together in defending our rights, our freedoms and our livelihoods.


There is strength in numbers and as our group grows our collective voice becomes more powerful both politically and legally. We are a nonviolent collaborative with the mission to seek, present and defend the truth.

COME join us as we work together on concepts that will enrich our lives, families and community.


We meet weekly for guest speakers, education, discussion and encouragement. The SPOKE groups meet on their own throughout the week at other available locations. Everyone contributes to this community and the more we see our efforts produce fruit, the more dedication and effort we see given by our members. 


We are quickly becoming a group with strength in numbers, which gives our collective voice much more power politically and legally.



Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights?


People's Rights is a National Organization made up of individuals uniting with their neighbors.

When you sign up you will find your area and begin to connect with your neighbors.


If you are Oregon 6 then this is the website we have to communicate and

keep up-to-date with each other.


Do NOT find YOURSELF standing ALONE!

Have your family, friends and neighbors

Text RIGHTS to 80123.


Be sure to select your Klamath County Area 6

After sending the text, a link to a secure online form on the National website will be sent to you. 


We are actively working hard to build a strong legal, political and

action-oriented defense system in our area.


Freedom is Secured by Uniting Together in
Claiming, Using and Defending People’s Rights.