COVID BASICS:  Six pages of protocols and information on what to do if you know nothing.

1.  Virus Prevention Protocol & Virus Treatment Protocol

2.  At Home Treatment for initial COVID Symptoms - Steps to Take

3.  If you choose to seek Treatment at the HOSPITAL -  What to ask for 

4.  COVID/FLU - Expanded Stay - Home Kit with Resources 

5.  Recipes for Nebulizer and Hydration

6.  More Information and digital Resources

Are you confused about Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the so-called Vaccines?

It's understandable with all the misleading and contradictive information being plastered everywhere we look. Here on this page, you can find easy to read, helpful information that explains the difference between the man-made virus, the disease and the so-called vaccines.


You will also find alternative methods for treating yourself if you become ill with covid-19 symptoms. Continue to scroll down to find all the topics you will need to navigate all these questions – with much

more in the days to come . . .

Here are 3 Brochures you can read, download, and print.

Scott Stuart from PR OR 5 has provided 2 booklets with pertinent information including ordinances, and official documents - to combat COVID-19 mandates.  Click to view the:

Oregon Business Owners (Have the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness) Guide


Breathe Free Guide - For the Individual